Thursday, November 13, 2008

robbers & cowards

Sorry for the crappy picture. I just wanted to "show" you guys my buys of today. I got a black Zara dress that I've tried on before but somehow didn't buy then. And I finally found a perfect Alexander Wang-esque black cap:

I can't decide if I like it on me or if I look like a robber with it >.< But it was cheap and it's sooo soft <3. I think it will be the perfect finishing touch for many outfits.

I stopped by H&M today and had a quick look at the CDG stuff. It was nice but the things that were left by the time I got there (after work) didn't really interest me. I would've liked to see the pants and the constructed jackets, also the white blouses looked nice in the campaign pictures but none of that was left. Ah well.. =)

I didn't stay long at H&M...couldn't take all the hysterical ladies buying heaps of polka dotted shirts and cardigans ...I coudln't help thinking that most of them were only buing the stuff because it's from a designer. I don't think many have heard of Comme de Garçons before... It's just kinda sad that people buy the things for the name and not because they appreciate the design. In a way it also amused me...I mean how many people would be buying it if were just 'H&M' not 'H&M Comme de Garçons'? Sorry for the rant :/

Did you guys check out the H&M Comme de Garçons collection? What did you think? Did you buy anything?


Pascal said...

Ja, hab ich. Fand die Kollektion für Männer nicht wirklich besonders. Hab dann nur was aus dem regulären Sortiment gekauft. Und ich denke auch, dass die meisten vor dieser H&M Kollaboration wohl noch nie was von CdG gehört haben.

Hab noch nix erhalten wegen Lookbook :( Geht das ein Weilchen?

Wohnst du eigentlich noch in Oberengstringen oder bist du mittlerweile ausgezogen?

Mirthe said...

Nice outfit!

I didn't buy anything from CDG. I think you're absolutely right that most people only buy the clothes because they're from a designer.
I liked the ruffle blouse and I liked the tuxedo jacket!