Thursday, August 25, 2011

When you read this I will already be on my plane to Seoul, where I will spend 4 days before flying to Japan - my new home for a year.
Sorry for the lack of updates lately, my life's been pretty hectic the past month with all the preparation. I don't know yet if I will continue this blog or if I will start a new one but I will definitely keep blogging when I am in the land of the rising sun. It will probably be more personal and not only fashion related but we'll see. Keep checking back for updates.

I also have some outfit photos saved on my notebook that I'm yet to show you as well as some more pictures from my recent trip to Paris.

<3 Jenny

une fois à Paris

An outfit I wore in Paris.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

quelques jours d'été à Paris: jour I

Keeping it simple in H&M jeans, a Gina Tricot top and converse. And wearing my yellow Swatch <3

These pictures were taken a bit over a week ago. Spending a couple of relaxed days in Paris - without any plans other than eating lots of pâtisserie, drinking wine and enjoying life.