Monday, June 30, 2008

daily inspiration

This weekend was great - the sun was shining constantly and it was really hot. I spent most of my time outside by the lake side or by river side listening to music, hanging out with friends and family, eating lots of fruit and occasionally taking a swim. The time I spent inside I played Super Smash Bros. Brawl on Wii with my boyfriend, so much fun.
Then yesterday the Euro 08 finale took place and I went to the fanzone one last time. What a great night that was, the city was electric everybody was celebrating.
I've never seen the city so alive and buzzling as it has been now during the Euro, it was one big party almost every night. I hope all of your had a great weekend!

from StockholmStreetStyle

I recently got this skirt but so far I've only worn it once and in a rather unspectacular combination. This cute Swedish girl combined the skirt perfectly, making it look cool and laid back - like a rebel princess who ran off to become a rockstar ^o^ I might try something like this once the weather gets a bit cooler again. Right now I can't imagine wearing layers or something like a nylon skirt >.<

On another note, today the Haute Couture F/W 08.09 season starts in Paris. Today's highlights include Christian Dior and Giorgio Armani Privé, yay!

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Today's Outfit: fringe time

Pretty simple outfit today for going to the lake:

hat: Zara, top: H&M, shorts: self made ages ago, fringed gradiators: Topshop, fringed clutch: H&M

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

shoe day

Today Zara sale finally started and I was lucky enough to finally get myself a pair of the wonderful Zara gladiator heels. I didn't want to buy them for the full price as they're quite high and I don't know how often I'm acutally going to wear them. But now I got them for a good price and I couldn't be happier.

Sorry for the crappy pictures but I was to lazy to get out my camera and just used photobooth.

Fairy Floral

I don't know if I ever really mentioned this on here but last summer I travelled around Japan for one month, fulfilling one of my life long dreams. I've always been fascinated by the Japanese culture and I'v dreamt of going to Japan for a very long time. So last summer my best friend and I had saved up enough money to finally go there and had the best summer of our lifes!

Japan is full of amazing things, every little packing in the supermarket has a little character on it and everything is so...kitschy, but in an good way. It even got us so far that in the first week we wanted to buy eveything that consisted out of heaps of pink ruffles and glitter - and I'm usually not a big fan of glitter in any way. But trust me, constantly being surrounded by such things and girls dressed in the cuttest clothes ever does that to you. Sad thing is, that the clothes will never looks as cute and sweet on a European person as they look on the tiny Japanese girls.

Why I wanted to post all this is because yesterday I remembered one thing from Japan. They have these amazing Refreshing Powder Sheets which are moist and refreshing and come in the heavenly scents of Strawberry, Raspberry, Fairy Flower and lots of others that we couldn't figure out because the things were written in Japanese only. We always wondered during our time there why the Japanese women always looked to matte and fresh even though it was over 35°C and very humid when we felt like our faces were melting in the heat. Well for one thing they all carry a small towel to wipe off the sweat and then there's the powder sheets. We weren't sure what exactly we were buying as we first got outselfs a pack but were pleasantly surprised when we discovered these nice smelling sheets which not only refresh you but also leave your skin feeling clean, fresh and most important of all - matte and powdered. I've never seen such sheets in Europe but I guess it really is a Japanese(Asian) thing. Luckily, I bought a small stock before leaving and as it got 30°C yesterday I pulled a pack out and was amazed by the greatness of the Power sheets once again ^o^ I'm currently using Raspberry smelling ones <3.

only English website I could find on them

PS: Just read on that website that the sheets are actually for the body. Oh well, then maybe we used them wrong or maybe the sheets they're talking about on that website a different from the ones I have. ^o^

Sunday, June 22, 2008

shine on..

Yesterday I spent by the lake side with my friends, eating strawberries, cherry tomatoes and water melon. Although it was quite hot I was too much of a chicken to take a swim in the cold lake >.<

Took some pictures in our garden today. Life can be so sweet when you've got nothing to worry about for a day or two and can enjoy yourself fully.

dress: Zara, Belt: H&M

Friday, June 20, 2008


Yesterday I turned 21 - I feel old now >.<
But I had a really great day, went Minigolfing with my family and then went for dinner - we ate delicious Italian food. The weather played along as well, it was very warm even in the late hours so that we were able to eat outside.
Best thing about the evening was the quality time I spent with my family. It rarely ever happens that we're all together because one of my sisters is living in the UK. I also got awesome presents from them all. My parents gave me a new digital camera, I had intended to get a new one for a while now so it was the perfect present. My old one was so incredibly outdated that a Japanese shop assistant in Akihabara(district in Tokyo) last summer laughed at me when I showed it to him to buy a new memory card >.< I already took some pics with it and they turned out great, will upload them this weekend.

I'm so happy it's friday and the weekend's here. The weather got very warm and it's supposed to get even hotter: 30° on Sunday. I think I might go swimming.
Now I'm off to Zara, apparently their sale started today so I'm going to see if I can get some nice pieces.

I'm leaving you guys with this beautifully inspiring editorial:

UK Vogue May 2008

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Resort 2009 Collections

It's resort time! I'm not such a big fan of resort collections but they're fun to look at nonetheless.


My absolute favorite resort collection 2009 comes from Balenciaga, somehow Balenciaga is never a disappointment.
It looks like Nicolas Ghesquière was continuing some of the shapes from fall. Of course this isn't as strong and powerful as the fall collection but I think in return it is much more wearable. As always, Nicolas' tailoring blows my mind with its sharpness.

^ My favorite look from the collection. So exquisitely chic - looks a bit like a futuristic rock'n'roll ballerina!

3.1 Phillip Lim

Very pretty though not very unique but I don't expect that from a resort collection anyway. Yet I really like it, I can definitely see myself wearing almost everything in the collection. I think the best thing about this is the styling, it's what really caught my eye. I also like the use of colour.

Jenni Kayne

I always adore Jenni Kayne's designs for their simplicity and wearability without being boring. This resort collection is no exception, I really like the styling and the clean cuts. It all looks really classic and timeless but with a modern twist to it if that makes any sense.


Lovely mixes of pattern and texture. I'm always amazed by how rock'n roll Burberry looks yet still manages to be very feminine and sometimes even a bit romantic. This is another nice resort collection but I have to admit that I'm starting to get a bit tired of the omnipresent belted waist at Burberry. I love that look but they always do that, almost every look in every collection it seems.


A couple of very interesting looks but the collection also features some not so special - in my opinion rather boring - dresses.

Jonathan Saunders

Definitely one of my favorite resort collections this season. Very strong and detailed looks. The colors, the contrast, the patters and the shapes...I love it all.


Prada's resort collection juse screams old luxury. And I like that a lot. It's all very chic and some of it gives off this nice artsy vibe. Love!

Vera Wang

A lot of the collection just seemes extremly unflattering and ill-fitted but I liked some looks.

Zac Posen

All in all a nice collection but I couldn't really make out a seemed more like a random assortment of clothes than a proper collection O.o . There were a couple of very nice pieces(especially dresses) but all in all it was a bit too costumey

Monday, June 16, 2008


Yesterday was a very sad day. My best friend Nicky left to travel around for 10 months.

I'm going to miss her soo much. Gosh, I miss her already although she's only been gone 1 day. Love you my Panda Princess <3! Wish you all the best on your travels, enjoy it!

Summer Trend: Playsuits

Sunday, June 15, 2008

My wonderful shoes finally arrived!!

Shopping: Raspberry Princess

1: pink organic cotton A-Line top, 2: pink underwear, 3: tulle princess skirt, 4: black patent flats

Friday, June 13, 2008

lack of updates

I just wanted to drop a quick note and apologize for the lack of updates lately. The UEFA EURO 2008™ has started here is Switzerland (and Austria) and I've been pretty much out in town every day watching the matches or haning out at friends houses to watch the games. It's a lot of fun even thoughI'm not the biggest football fan I love to watch during the European or the World championship.
Too bad Switzerland's already out but I also support some other teams ^o^

Anyway, I will post something again soon as my Asos order arrived yesterday and also, I bought some nice things in the past week (inbetween work and watching football).

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

all I want is you... beautiful shoe <3

outfit: sunny sunday

Last sunday I went to Southern Germany to visit a friend of mine. We spent the entire day outside, eating ice cream and enjoying the great weather!

skirt: topshop, top & blazer: H&M, gladiators: bought in Japan last summer, belt: uniqlo

click on the image to see the full picture