Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Paris Fashion Week: Maison Martin Margiela, Balenciaga, Ann Demeulemeester

I'm not too sure about the actual clothes but the presentation was amazing.

Balenciaga is always one of the shows I look forward to the most. You can count on Nicolas Ghesquière to come up with something interesting and very fashion forward.
This collection definitely lived up to those standards - very futuristic and well done. I don't like it as much as I liked his previous collections though. I really disliked the pants shown with the first couple of look - they didn't seem well cut at all. Also the glitter dresses at the end were a bit unexpected and I don't really know if I like them. But Balenciaga is always a look that needs to grow on me a little.
All in all I do really like it. I love the mini dresses with the heart shaped applications - they probably make it hard to move your arms tough, haha.

Ann Demeulemeester

Perfection, I am in love with all of it.
The shapes, the details...everything is so pretty.

Paris Fashion Week: AF Vandevorst, Isabel Marant, Undercover

I liked the majority of this collection. The lingerie inspired pieces are so sexy yet the looks have something very innocent about them. Then there are the more masculine looks that I also really liked - especially in combination with those sexy tights.
I really feel bad for the models - that lipstick is soooo horrible. I get that they probably wanted to achieve some kind of "little girl that played with make up" look but I still find it unnecessary.

I really like Isabel Marant. It's so wearable and young - I somehow always enjoy it. But it's also never anything really extraordinary or innovative. I really like it though.
This collection is very diverse and has so many great individual pieces that could be worn in so many different ways. I'd love to own most of it...especially those boots. They are LOVE!

I didn't make these into a collage as they would've lost their "old painting"-feel that drew me to the collection in the first place. After taking a closer look I grew very fond of the all-white collection. It's all so beautiful!

Paris Fashion Week: Gareth Pugh, Balmain, Nina Ricci

Gareth Pugh kicked off Paris Fashion Week with a bang. No other designer would've been as capable of demonstrating the change from commerical Milan to visionary and innovative Paris as Gareth with this wonderful collection. All the clothes look like pieces of art and I'm already looking forward to seeing them in editorials.

Almost every fashion blogger has already raved about this collection so I'm not going to write much (and let the clothes speak for themselves). Only that I find all the looks incredibly hot and I'm madly truly deeply in love with those shoes. that's all. over and out. =P

Another fashion blogger favorite.
I fell in love with these light victorian inspired dresses immediately. What makes them even prettier to me is the contrast with the mesh tights and black shoes. It makes the dresses appear even more fragile and stand out.


I discovered bloglovin' through another blog and stated using it a couple of days ago.

The site allows you to follow your favorite blogs easily by showing you the latest post from all the blogs you follow and the best thing is - it shows you the blogs in their original layout and style and lets you browse through the posts like in a book or magazine. I really like the tool as it lets me access my favorite blogs in seconds from anywhere. I also just discovered that you can organize the blogs into groups. I really recommend this to any blog addict out there!

Follow my blog with bloglovin´

Monday, September 29, 2008

Milan Fashion Week - Burberry Prorsum

My personal favorite collection shown in Milan this season is Burberry Prorsum


Christopher Bailey never disappoints me and it was no different this season. The collection seems like an extension from last season yet it is really different. While last season we got a polished young lady, the same girl has now discovered her "dark side". Like she went into the woods and got her pretty clothes wet and dirty. I love how in the collection luxury meets that worn/dirty/muddy look. It's interesting that he's doing something so dark and moody for spring but I actually like it. Also I think the styling is absolutely wonderful here, I really had a hard time choosing my favorite looks from the collection - I really loved every single one!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Outfit: in love with a hat <3

I got this adorable hat in one of the many tourist shops in Banff, Canada. At first we tried on a couple of those silly hats for fun until I found this one and loved it immediately.

wore my lovely floral H&M top underneath

Haha, I just noticed how horrible my hair looks - to defind myself: I just came inside and outside it was very cold and windy ^o^

Friday, September 26, 2008

Milan Fashion Week Spring 09 - Dolce & Gabbana, Sportmax, Pollini

When I first scrolled through the collection I didn't like what I saw. But after taking a closer look I think the collection is really interesting. Asian influences, Pajamas and amazingly stunning dresses and gowns at the end that reminded me of wedding cake.

Love the styling.


Fashion Week Street Style

One thing I love so much about fashion weeks is the wonderful street style pictures that get taken.

from The Sartorialist for Style.com

Milan Fashion Week Spring 09 - Gianfranco Ferré, Prada, Marni

I thought Gianfranco Ferré was a great start of Milan fashion week. Somehow I always feel drawn to architectural shapes and volumes - it fascinates me even though it might not be the most wearable thing in the world. Gianfranco Ferré's take on it was very balanced, not too over-the-top. After all this is still RTW although I do think it's got a very strong couture influence. Lovely to look at.

Not sure what to think of this collection. Somehow it's interesting but then again some looks were just plain ugly (I especially disliked the gold ones at the end). But as almost always with Prada, I'll have to look at it some more to really make up my mind. I often hate a look at first but then it grows on me...might also be due to the fact that no matter what Miuccia comes up with it's gonna be over all the editorials for months no matter how "ugly" it might be, haha.

I just had the post the shoes in detail - Marni shoes are always genius.
The collection is so fun and fresh, I love how she mixed so many colors, patterns and materials. The accessories were lovely too, especially the necklaces <3

Milan Fashion Week Spring 09 - Antonio Marras, C'N'C Costume National, Etro

So romantic..poetic even. I loved almost every thing in this fantastic collection, the detailing is so pretty - I'm in love <3

I really like the simplicity here but I hate the 3/4 leggings used throughout the collection with a passion. I think the whole collection is very wearable and I'd love one of those transparent tops or sheer coats.

I find this collection to be casual with some very simple but nice items but also very luxurious with the embellished and printed pieces.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Milan Fashion Week Streetstyle

Milan Fashion Week Spring 09 - Moschino, Jil Sander, Salvatore Ferragamo

Moschino always wins me over with the sweet and girly designs they come up with. This is another cute collection which I could totally picture myself wearing.

I'm really fond of this collection, it all looks very straight forward and well cut. Also the detailing looks very well done. I've not been such a fan of Jil Sander but I think what Raf Simons did this season is great and very chic. I just love all the fringe used.

I love the vibrant colors used in this collection and the voluminous cuts look wonderful. I'm especially in love with that red suit..so perfect!

Outfit: feeling a little Parisienne

I'm back with a new skirt and a new hair cut ^o^

I love my new H&M skirt!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Back home!

I'm back home but haven't really had much time to go online yet as I started work again yesterday and was busy with unpacking and all. Canada was teriffic, I had such a great time in this amazingly beautiful country. I will post some pics later.

For now I'm catching up with Fashion Week. I'm so excited that Milan has begun and I can't wait to look at all the beautiful collecions <3 I'm especially excited to see what Miuccia Prada has come up with for the SS 09 colletion which will be shown today.

From Gianfranco Ferré RTW S/S 09

Friday, September 5, 2008

bye bye!! I'll be back on Sept 20th

My travel outfit:

Top by Zara, Leggings by H&M and underneath I'm wearing a black mini skirt

Thursday, September 4, 2008

oh Canada...

I'm leaving for Canada tomorrow to travel around and explore the nature. I'm very excited about this but also NY Fashion Week is starting tomorrow >.<

Not only will I miss NY but I'll also not be here during London Fashion Week (Sep. 14 - 19, 2008). Ah well, I guess I have something to catch up with then.

But at least I won't miss my favorites Milan (Sep. 20 - 28, 2008 ) and Paris (Sep. 30 - October 8, 2008) as I'm back on Sept. 20.

you will be mine...

From Mango Outlet

I think they'd look lovely with my knitted tights that I posted yesterday.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Everybody seems to be sporting lace/patterned tights in their outfits lately. I haven't decided weather I really like it or not.
Anyway, as I searched through my hoisery box yesterday I came across these cotton knit tights that I had totally forgotten. I'm thinking of cutting them a little to make them look less patternd and more Rodarte-ish.
Dunno yet, I'm not really talented with scissors and I usually end up throwing away my attempts at do-it-yourself pieces.

I shouldn't be here anyway, I have to pack for my vacation in Canada as I'm leaving on Friday morning. I had intended to make a post about this on here but I've been so busy with preparations the last couple of days that I totally forgot.
I'm going to visit my best friend there who's currently living with her Dad somewhere in a very remote area surrounded by the beautiful nature of Canada. So I'm flying to Vancouver and from there to another small town where she'll pick me up. We will then travel around in the area. I'm so excited!! The whole trip there is supposed to be spontaneous and so we haven't yet decided on where exactly we're going. But I guess we'll also be in Vanouver or another big city at the end of my stay. I'm also looking forward to shopping over there. But mainly this vacation is going to be very un-glamorous and "back to the nature" like. With trekking shoes and very simple clothes ^o^ I'm really looking forward to it!

Monday, September 1, 2008

i go wild

girl crush of the moment: Freja Beha in Numéro ♥

Numéro Korea - September 08