Friday, September 5, 2008

bye bye!! I'll be back on Sept 20th

My travel outfit:

Top by Zara, Leggings by H&M and underneath I'm wearing a black mini skirt


Maria said...

Have a nice trip sweetie!

Anonymous said...

I love U
miguel becer

Yasmin Araújo said...

Hi Jenny!

How are you?! I am writing again cause I don't explained very well what I proposed to you. I though we could to exchange fashion tips. For example, I can send you links and others fashion things from here, and vice versa. I am doing the same with Lena (, from London. I've already sent to her fashion shows of São Paulo Fashion Week (only my favorites) and some links. She sent me greats british labels (the links). That's important to me cause I'll take a fashion undergraduate course at São Paulo city soon and I am preparing for that. That more I'll learn, it will be best. And of course, to meet new people (with fashion interests, like you and Lena).

Tell me what you think about it! and about you and your relation with fashion too.

Thank you for all!!!


Yasmin Araújo

Sunniva said...

Have an amazing trip! Love your travel outfit :) All black is so chic.

Jérôme said...

she was yesterday in banff hmm i miss her

Charlotte said...

Hope you had a nice trip! The outfit is great and very comfy for travelling!

Anonymous said...

You look so beautiful in your picture!