Friday, January 30, 2009


It'll probably be a bit longer before I get to posting my Tokyo pictures as I'm going skiing in the mountains for the weekend. In the meanwhile enjoy couture season and a little bit of Isabeli goodness:

Isabeli Fontana in Vogue Germany Jan09 via ht_photography

How hot are those shoes??!! <3

Sunday, January 25, 2009

back home

After 4 amazing, incredibly inspiring and simply wonderful days in Tokyo I have arrived back home. I am dreading the moment of unpacking all my stuff so I came here instead >.< I already have to get back to work on Tuesday but I want to post some pictures of Tokyo and especially of what I bought there tomorrow. Now I gotta go to bed, I got a pretty bad cold and I've been awake for over 20 hours now =.=.

Marie Claire Italia Sept08 via ht_photography

Monday, January 19, 2009

fujifilm instax mini

My best buy so far is also the first purchase I made. While waiting for the plane in Narita (Tokyo airport) I came across the Fujifilm Instax Mini camera and just went ahead an bought it. The camera really wasn't expensive and from what I saw on the box the pictures were just like Polaroid ones. So even if the pictures wouldn't turn out that great it'd still provide some holiday fun I thought. But the pictures this camera takes exceeded my expectations by far, It's just as good as a polaroid and the pictures come in a cute credit card mini format. The camera as well as the film is sold at home as well so I won't have any trouble getting my hands on film. I can defenitely recommend this camera to anyone as a great alternative to a Polaroid camera. As Polaroid has stopped making film and the prices are soaring.

goodbye Australia

My time in Australia is already coming to an end. After travelling along the west coast for 3 weeks, the boyfriend and I celebrated the end of our time here by attending the Big Day Out festival in Gold Coast last night before driving back to Sydney where I am right now. The festival was a lot of fun but way too crowded for my taste but it did really excite me for the festival season in Europe this wear. My flight to Tokyo leave tomorrow evening so there'll still be some time for a short visit to the city centre and maybe even some last minute shopping. I didn't get to post as much as I had intended during the past weeks, sorry for that! But I was always on the road, travelling and enjoying the amazing country that is Australia. I won't say much more now and leave you with some pictures.

Friday, January 9, 2009

take me swimming, miss moss

Kate Moss in W July 08 via fakingfashion

I acutally wanted to post some pictures, showing you guys the beautiful beaches and landscapes I've seen so far on my road trip from Sydney up to the Sunshine Coast where I'm currently staying. Unfortunately the free wireless internet in this motel sucks - it's unbelievably slow and won't let me upload the pics. So I'm sharing with you these beautiful pictures of Miss Moss. I can't believe that it's actually January right now and cold winter back in Europe. It's so strange being here at the beach while back home everyone is freezing...
Hopefully I will be able to post pictures soon.
Take care everyone!