Monday, January 19, 2009

fujifilm instax mini

My best buy so far is also the first purchase I made. While waiting for the plane in Narita (Tokyo airport) I came across the Fujifilm Instax Mini camera and just went ahead an bought it. The camera really wasn't expensive and from what I saw on the box the pictures were just like Polaroid ones. So even if the pictures wouldn't turn out that great it'd still provide some holiday fun I thought. But the pictures this camera takes exceeded my expectations by far, It's just as good as a polaroid and the pictures come in a cute credit card mini format. The camera as well as the film is sold at home as well so I won't have any trouble getting my hands on film. I can defenitely recommend this camera to anyone as a great alternative to a Polaroid camera. As Polaroid has stopped making film and the prices are soaring.


Anonymous said...

Wow! Nie gesehen, nie von gehört. Aber vor kurzem erstand ich eine Polaroid, ohne zu wissen wie TEUER die Filme mittlerweile sind!!! Werd auf jeden Fall nach dieser hier Ausschau halten, so Instant-Fotos habens mir schon angetan. Kannst Du vielleicht auch sagen, wieviel die Filme kosten und wie sie sich nennen?

Danke jedenfalls für den Tip!

ana b. said...

What a great tip! I am definitely going to look into it. Actually, Polaroid film has been saved. It'll keep being produced but there's some research that's going to go into it. This is an instant alternative though!

Anonymous said...

hey vielen dank für deine hilfe. werde sehen, ob ich sie mir vllt auch kaufe. sieht nach spaß aus!

Morgan. said...

wow, i want one of these!
how much did did it cost/ did the film cost?
great blog btw, a joy to read.

Miss Pu said...

Oh i just love it!
how much did it cost? Do you know if it is easy to find??

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mandi said...

oh! that's a fun looking camera, how interesting :)



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Brook and Lyn said...

That camera is adorable..even bad pictures come out great in polaroid. I will have to bug you another time for a tokyo shopping list. I was there about 10 years ago all mine are old!

olga d said...

that is the most adorable camera. can i have it? thanks.