Monday, September 29, 2008

Milan Fashion Week - Burberry Prorsum

My personal favorite collection shown in Milan this season is Burberry Prorsum


Christopher Bailey never disappoints me and it was no different this season. The collection seems like an extension from last season yet it is really different. While last season we got a polished young lady, the same girl has now discovered her "dark side". Like she went into the woods and got her pretty clothes wet and dirty. I love how in the collection luxury meets that worn/dirty/muddy look. It's interesting that he's doing something so dark and moody for spring but I actually like it. Also I think the styling is absolutely wonderful here, I really had a hard time choosing my favorite looks from the collection - I really loved every single one!


Le Fashion said...

so cute! I love the necklaces :)

wanna trade links??


Yasmin Araújo said...

Hi Jenny!

I'm sorry!! I don't informed you that my blog is written in Portuguese. But thanks even so.

Do you looked the e-mail I sent to you? Don't forget to reply me.

And about your post I love this Burberry collection. The statement neck-laces are better and more clean, light... I don't know but I like it.


Yasmin ^^

Bostonista said...

I don't understand why Burberry Prorsum is shown in Milan and not London do you?

Jenny Cindy said...

Bostonista: I never quite understood that either.