Saturday, June 28, 2008

Today's Outfit: fringe time

Pretty simple outfit today for going to the lake:

hat: Zara, top: H&M, shorts: self made ages ago, fringed gradiators: Topshop, fringed clutch: H&M


The editor of Fabulous said...

Simple, but it's very stylish! I like it :-)!

I'M THAT CHIQ said...

I could never pull off this look, but you're rockin' it :) Thanks for visiting ^^

Angelica said...

thank you! THE SAME!

Fleurette said...

wow, i love it! the shoes are AMAZING!!!

Anna said...


I saw you bought this amazing pair of Zara gladiator heels, and i wonder if you couldn't buy me a pair? Where i live they are sold out.

You could afterwards sell me them by ebay, for more safety... :)

I really need these shoes :p

Thx in advance.

PS: if you agree, i'll give you my email... said...

love the hat!


Great blog.
I love your style--
especially those sandals. FIERCE!

johanna said...

oh, I love it love it love it!

madame.lala said...

cool shoes!
very special <3 LOVE IT

sarah from

Anonymous said...

Hi! :-)
I'm writing from Hungary! :-)
I have a blog,too.But!! I write,because of your shoes.They are fantastic!! :-) ;)
Xoxo,Eve :)