Sunday, March 8, 2009

spring awakening in my shoe collection

With the first flowers also come the first colorful shoes =P

Red shoes, really? I loved the shape of these and tried on a black version of them first. I already had all black outfits with black tights in mind as my friend pointed out the red version to me. I was a bit septic but tried them on none the less. I wasn't completely sold but after some convincing from my friend I decided to go with the red ones and now I'm so glad I did. They are much more special than black ones and the bold color will brighten up any outfit!

These light pink oxford peep-toes were love at first sight! I've been wanting a pair of really light colored shoes for a while, preferably in nude or cream. And this patent light pink is just perfect. I can't wait to wear them with lots of wonderful pastel colored spring outfits.
click the pictures to view a bigger version


Maria said...

Great pick when it comes to the red shoes!

but I have to say that my favourite is the pink/nude ones!! oh, the color is truly perfect :D And it's not just the color, it's everything. Ah I want to see how they look on ;)

Styleseeking Zurich said...

Ahhh the nude patent shoes, I saw them two weeks ago and also thought "Wow I need them!". But when I had them on it didn't feel right cause I prefer a higher heel and less open-toed, it was a bit "too open" for me. But still, a great buy for spring/summer!!!



panda love said...

both heels are amazing, can't wait for spring <3

I love the red ones, just a little bit more ^^

The Vancouverista said...

i love the oxfords
seriously stunning

Bostonista said...

I'm so so so excited for spring! I need to get out of clunky shoes and uggs!!! I'm absolutely in love with the red ones! beautiful!

lola said...

i love them, great founds!
where did you buy them and how much did they cost?

Jenny Cindy said...

lola: Got them at a shoe store called Bata here in Switzerland. I don't know if they have stores in other countries too or if it's a Swiss store, sorry.

anda said...

love love your blog. and those nude shoes are perfect.

cola said...

the oxford are so nice!!
it perfectly fit the spring wears!!

Stephanie Joelle Louise said...

I like the pink ones