Tuesday, March 3, 2009

pink and beige

Thanks to Linnéa from Linnéa's life for giving me this sweet award:

And I revieved an award from Nicole from The Wardrobe Chronicles and Styleseeking Zürich

Thank you guys so much. I have yet to think of whom to tag but I will edit this later ^o^


ana b. said...

Ooo I like those two colours together. Congrats on the awards. They're always fun to get!

panda love said...

love the colors and the cut.
cant wait for spring ^_^

Styleseeking Zurich said...

Lovely purchases for spring!! The pink looks a bit like peach in the picture and this is becoming one of my favourite colours i think..



Jenny Cindy said...

ana: Thank you ^o^
Nicky: I know, I want spring to be here already!
Nesli: It is acutally kind of a pink-peach color. I'm also in love with that color at the moment. I dunno, I always avoided everything pink but now I seem to love it more and more.