Thursday, March 5, 2009

Milan Fashion Week: D&G, Gucci

Although this is D&G and I never like D&G's tacky-ness I feel myself strangely drawn to this very theatrical, almost costume-y collection. Yes, there were quite a few looks which I totally hated but I couldn't stop myself from liking these cute "sofa"-skirts and dresses and the beautiful tulle pieces. If this had been done in a more tasteful and toned down version I would've loved it even more. But this is D&G after all so I just look at it as a very fun collection ^o^

All in all way too much glitter in this collection but there were a few very nice looks. But I'm not a fan of Gucci anyway so I didn't exactly have high expectations.
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panda love said...

oh I really like this D&G collection <3 so much pretty.

Not so impressed by Gucci :(

Pretty Little World said...

I that tee with the ball skirt combo! Fabulous!

Mirthe said...

The D&G collection is very pretty!