Monday, March 9, 2009

Paris Fashion Week: Rue du Mail, Balmain

I love the color palette, the fabulous structures and materials in this collection.

Decarnin picked up where he left off last season. The shoulders of the glitzy embellished blazers were even more prominent, there were more studs and glitter - all in all a very predictable collection. But it works, it worked last season and so does it this season. Seeing that the body con glitter dresses were copied from NY to Paris I guess it was only logical that in a time of recession he wouldn't step out of his comfort zone. Especially given the huge commercial success. As much as it's nothing new I do really like the's very very sexy, very rock and extremely cool. What I most liked were the embellished slouchy pants - pure perfection <3!
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Adeliet said...

I totally love Balmain! Especially that awesome silver studded bandage skirt! I can literally faint at the sight of it in person, that's if I ever get that close to it. Maybe I should start saving a ton of $$$ now and I could make it in time for F/W LOL!

Love your blog, btw! Keep it up!

xx, Adel (lovecoutureluxe)

isabelle said...

balmain's collection is just amazing!