Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Lula #8


The new Lula magazine is out and from what I saw on TFS it's just as gorgeous as the last issue. Which means it's time for another Lula hunt through countless newsagents ^o^.
Chanel Iman is on the cover and the picture above it from the corresponding editorial. I love the shiny blush-dots and that amazing see through skirt!


Mirthe said...


Birgit said...

I absolutely love your blog and taste! And this is indeed brilliant.

jennifer, said...

lula just screams inspiration

A dreamer said...

i love chanel iman...even more than i love that skirt- which says a lot!

Jenny Cindy said...

Mirthe: =)
Birgit: Aww, thank you so much ^o^
Jennifer: I know, right? It is so girly and dreamlike, love it.
A dreamer: The skirt really is amazing and so is Chanel. She's so cute!