Friday, December 5, 2008

summer sun

I know it's not even winter yet so light summer dresses, shorts and tank tops are not really on my mind.
Yet I have to get myself into a summery mood because I will be going some place very very warm right after Christmas. I'm headed to...*drum roll*...Australia!
This means I soon will have to pack my luggage. But right now all I want to wear is heavy knit wear, scarfs, gloves, tons of layers and boots. Not really suitable for 30° - 40°C =( I really need some inspiration on what to wear in that heat. I always find dressing in summer a bit difficult because everything feels too hot yet you don't wanna walk around half naked. But I'm really excited to be going there, it's actually nice to escape the cold and wet Swiss winter for a while. There will still be enough cold days left when I get back ;)

Pictures from Nylon Jan.09 via ht_photography


maisie #1 and #2 said...

hey! i just found your blog via someone else's site. :) i'm from melbourne and i hate dressing for summer. i wish it were winter now! it is especially annoying reading everyone's blogs about winter inspiration and new coats and boots! in summer i am so boring, i just wear denim shorts and different t-shirts and singlets. i have a huge range of light vintage scarves, necklaces and ring, and coloured socks with my converse to keep it interesting!

Lena said...

Beautiful photos! I want summer really BAD now! ;D