Thursday, December 4, 2008


Today is a good day!! My ASOS package already arrived, I didn't expect it so soon so I was even happier when I saw it. As it's quite late I just took some crappy Photo Boot pictures to share my joy with you:

The back is amazing:

These pictures really don't to the dress justice, I will take some proper pictures where you can see the lovely detailing and the luxurious silk matierial soon.


Styleseeking Zurich said...

Lovely dress, can't wait to see a better picture of it! We linked your blog cause it's really well done, always a pleasure to look through your old posts... :) So glad we finally found a great blog form Switzerland.. :)


ninja said...

aaah ich weiß welches das ist.ich liebe es
ja bitte mach noch gute fotos.
aber ich bin sicher auf den guten fotos steht es dir genauso
oh man ich will auch bei asos bestellen

Cindy said...

that dress really looks beautiful on you. very flattering, i love it.

Cindiddy said...

YAY!!! the dress looks so good on you!!

jaime said...

beautiful dress sweetie!

cremeoccin said...

I think the dress is fabulous!

Maria said...

It's beautiful!

The back is superbeautiful!

Oh you look stunning :D