Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I kick the autumn leaves and I smile ’cause of the things you said to me tonight

Went to the movies with the boyfriend yesterday.

grey shirt-dress: H&M Trend; knit sweater: Monki; patent boots: Mango; bag: Aldo

I lent this bag from my bestfriend who's in Canada at the moment and haven't really found a way to use it up until now. I've always played around with it but was never truly happy with the outcome. With that wonderful raspberry-ice-cream colored sweater it looked like the perfect combination of simple and playful. I really have to use the bag more often, it's the perfect size and I love its flashy color.

PS: Did you guys see the new Mac Books? O.O Too bad I just bought a Mac Book in December.


Le Fashion said...

loving the boots and the bag!!

Lisa said...

hi love!

love those boots + the oversize sweater.

you look oh so pretty.


Mirthe said...

Love your outfit!

muchlove said...

love the colour of the sweater with the grey shirt-dress.

cindy said...

holy crap, i want to steal this whole outfit!

Anonymous said...

Love the colour of your sweater. Love the boots too.

Maria said...

aah, the monki sweater has the perfect color and shape! Love it.