Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I fell in love with a pair of heels.

I saw these at Zara today:

Wonderful Burberry Prorsum knock-offs...but not as clean and polished as the originals - these got a more rugged look which I love even more.

I didn't get them though, they were a bit pricey and way too high for me. I don't like spending a lot of money on shoes I'm only gonna wear on occasion.


Lisa said...

i wish i had access to these stores!

i am definitely digging the heels.

so many possibilities.

have a wonderful evening love.


Maria said...

I think I'll have to stop by Zara tomorrow! Omg, they DO look better than the burberry ones! Aaah, so nice :D

Maria Martin said...

really nice shoes!!! I´ve been reading you since june, and I love your elegant but casual style. you are an inspiration to me, I´ve just opened my blog, so if you want to pass by anytime, you, and your readers are always welcome

Jenny Cindy said...

I should't have taken a picture of everytime I come here I have to stare at them. What a tease. Gah.. I should've gotten them.

I'm going to let the luck decide this: if I can still them by the time I get my next pay-check (which is in approximately 3 weeks) I will get them. >.<

runway today said...

I saw those too and they are nice, but I already have the burberry ones so couldn't justify to get them!

Mimi said...

Those are sooooo cool!

Glendy said...