Wednesday, April 23, 2008

rainy days

picture by nickobec at stock.xchng

After the wonderful warm and sunny spring weekend it's been raining non stop since sunday evening. But to be honest I don't really mind, I like rain. I have this fantasy of being stuck in a little cabin somewhere up north, maybe in Scandinavia or the north of Germany, sitting inside and watching the raindops falling down..listening to the rain and having a cup of hot tea. Then I would get dressed in a thick yellow raincoat and a pair wellington boots to take walk by the sea in the heavy rain.
But back to reality - rain in the city sucks and having to go to work in the rain is even worse. Squeezing inside a bus crammed with people holding soaking wet umbrellas is not really fun -_-

But the weather's supposed to get better tomorrow. ^o^


lara said...

Haha I don't like the picture , because here it is such great weather and i don't want to think of rain , I hope the sun will join you too :)

Charlotte said...

I Spain quite a lot of rainy days lately but also supposed to get better for the weekend!
We'll cross our fingers said...

vacker bild.