Sunday, April 20, 2008

outfit: saturday

and my shoes
Top: H&M Trend, Skirt: AA, Bag: Vero Moda, Shoes: H&M

I wore this yesterday to go downtown for some shopping (I'll post what I bought at a later point). It was such an warm and sunny day that I could actually walk around in the sun without a jacket or cardigan. Oh how I love spring!


Shirin said...

that top look gorgeous. and the bag! do you maybe have a close-up on it?

runway today said...

that's so funny. Yesterday I was at H&M and thought oh that shirt looks interesting although it's not for me! instead bought a dress.

aschlee said...

yay for spring! Your outfit is really cute...i like how it's trendy yet simple...something that's not going to take forever to put together.. nice choice :)

kiki said...

I love that top