Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Cookie Cutter Plain Dress

Dreamtime Harem Pants

Sleepwalker Longling Tank

I'm loving the huge armholes on the dresses - such a sexy and cool touch. Can't wait for spring/summer now so I can wear those all the time. Until then I'm just gonna have to layer them.


The Lion & The Unicorn said...

that first dress is fantastic.
i've never really been into minkpink, but you've made it look great

we love your blog x

ELVIA said...

i love the first dress & the prints on the pant - amazing!

Ariana said...

adore your pants,they are very cute;)

Hanna Grandin said...

Gorgeous shoes! Where have you bought them?

Every Little Counts said...

those harem pants are fantastic. i also love the deep armhole...and i love the exposed bra.

Jenny Cindy said...

Hanna Grandin: The shoes are from Zara. ^o^

Lookilove said...

uuuuh love your pants...they are so eye-catchy!:)haven't seen them yet!they look good on you! the first outfit is stunning, but maybe too much for swiss people? (how sad!)

P.s. yes this is the reason why I wanna get the slip to wear it as a dress for summer as well as about 7hours they gonna open the doors! :)

Valencia Lia said...

I love love the 1st dress so much andthose harem pants !! Basic dresses like this is what I really need right now <3

Chymecindy Blog said...

You have a nice blog, so I follow!
I hope you check mine too.

Marina said...

I love that dress! The asymmetrical-ness is great!

Styleseeking Zurich said...

oh so schön.
love every single piece!
lookin hawt!


fadetoblack said...

them harem pants are awesome!
been looking for a pair like that everywhere!

just found your blog and i LOVE it!

ill be back :)


Maria said...

Your pants!!! They are so cool. Are they available online?