Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Wooohooo - a few days from now I'm going to be in snowy Amsterdam!
(I'm leaving on the 26. to be exact.)

credit: ben visbeek via flickr

Any recommendations? Must-see's? Hot spots?
I'd be interested to hear all about your favorite cafés, bars, shops, places and clubs.
Anyone from Amsterdam reading this? =)


Lookilove said...

oh,have fun there!!! It has been years since my last visit!

happy holidays!

tracy said...

you should go to kalverstraat :D
they've got lovely high street stores
& nieuwe dam, apparently there are LOTS of vintage stores and little markets there :)

Anonymous said...

I envy you..Amsterdam is amazing city..

Anonymous said...

Haii awesome that you go to amsterdam :D I live there. They have amazing vintage shops.
You have to go to the
Bijenkorf (Dam square) it's near the station. Here can you find all the big brands. If you want to go to vintage shops you have to go to the Nine Streets. There are a lot of vintage shops over there.
For clubs you have to go the the Leideseplein (you have a lot of bars and pubs there) if you want to amsterdams biggest club you have to go the the Escape (on the rembrandtplein) If you like to meet a lot of amsterdam stundents, than you should go to the Heffer (beurstraat 7) here can you find a lot of stundents, also international... on friday and saturday you will find the most people over there, it's gorgeous.


Lookilove said...

du hesch ja es feature uf whowhatwear! congrats!!! mega cool...:)

Jenny Cindy said...

tracy & letsact: Thank you so much for those tipps - I will defintiely check them out.

Anonymous said...

oooh amsterdam i love it there...i'm actually planning my fourth trip there for january! i'd say check out the waterlooplein & flea market. i have stumbled across other vintage shops during my visits but couldn't tell you where they were i'm afraid. have a fab time! :)