Thursday, May 15, 2008

Shopping in London

Shopping in London was great, I just love to shop there! It's quite expensive but I still got myself a couple of things. First of all these wonderful gladiators which I bought at Topshop:

I also got myself a lovely tiered floral skirt at Topshop. Apart from that I bought very cute PJ's at The Gap. And what I'm most happy about is a Burberry-esque belt from Zara which I've been looking for ever since I saw it online on Runway Today's blog.

I also got a few nice clothes to wear to the office at Uniqlo. I loved this Store when I discovered it in Japan last summer and was really happy to be able to shop there again. They had quite a few items on sale so I got 3 knit sweaters/cardigans, a jacket and a shirt for a bit over £50!

I hadn't had time to really experiment with my new clothes yet but I will do so this weekend and will definitely post some pics of me wearing the things =)


styleraven said...

I like the sandals. Zara had something similar, but in a taupe colour I didn't like.

Miriam said...

OH MY! i love those shoes..