Sunday, May 18, 2008

outfit: last night

Last night I went out dancing with a couple of friends. I wore my brand new skirt that the wonderful Alma H. made for me. I love the skirt, it's so perfect and well made. Thank you again, Alma!

I also wore my other new love: the Burberry-esque Zara belt. So glad I got it, I've tried it on with a million outfits already and it really goes with almost everything. The reason I didn't but the belt when I first saw it in stores was because I was worried that I wouldn't find an outfit to wear it with. But the belt totally proved me wrong, it's so versatile <3. You will be seeing a lot of it in the future!

top: h&m; skirt: made by lovely Alma; belt: Zara; shoes: skopunkten

PS: I know the skirt is not ironed but for going out to the club I couldn't be bothered.


runway today said...

fabulous outfit!

Cute skirt that looks great on you! I read Alma's blog everyday as well.

Sarah said...

Lovely, the skirt is amazing

Fashion Ivy said...

That skirt is so cute!!

MaryMary-Jane said...

looks like the miu miu skirt!;-)))

Bostonista said...

omg I am OBSESSED with that skirt. OBSESSED.
swap links?!