Friday, May 9, 2008

the maxi skirt

I bought this on e-bay last year after seeing a picture of an Olsen twin wearing a light colored maxi skirt with a wide black belt. I got really obsessed with the idea of owning a maxi skirt, searched everywhere and ended up with this beige colored one from Topshop. I even got myself a wide black patent belt to go with it but somehow I never wore this skirt. It disappeared in the depths of my closet. For some reason I thought of it today and searched my whole closet looking for it - it's a bit crumpled but who cares. I really like it with my new striped t-shirt and the belt but I also tried another combination:
edited: Haha, after looking at it again and again I really started to hate this combination. I will remove it now so I don't always have to stare at it when I open my blog ^o^

I think the Olsen twin (I'm sorry, I don't remember who it was) also wore her maxi skirt with a white shirt. I really like that idea but I'm not quite happy with my outfit yet. Maybe I have to try it with a different shirt, a black on perhaps?
It's hard not looking too boho/hippie - ish when wearing a maxi skirt.
I definitely have to iron my skirt before I can leave the house, haha >.<


BloguleRouge said...

I love your skirt ... but I'm not sure I would wear it ^^

capturedlife said...

i dont think it would look better with a black shirt if you wear a black belt! it looks great this way, but if you're still not satusfied you show try something else..but i have NO idea what

Elin said...

nice one!

runway today said...

I like the first outfit the best as well! I think it would also look cute with a baggy white vneck from AA tucked into the skirt or a tanktop.

glamourgirl said...

oh my gosh! the skirt is gorg! be sure to post pics if you find a good way to wear it! :)

roxanne said...

i'd say first outfit trumps second.

i've been trying to wear tops over my maxi dress forever, but since it's a halter it just looks off, but a maxi skirt is the clearly superior alternative. thanks for sharing!