Monday, March 3, 2008


Anybody from Stockholm out there reading this?

I am going to Stockholm from Thursday (6. March) to Monday (10. March) and I am looking for some tipps from Stockholm-ers!

Can you tell me great places to go out in Stockholm? What's the best club, where do you like to party?
It's hard to really find something online on Stockholm's nightlife so any tipps from locals would be highly appreciated!

Also if you have any tipps for Restaurants or shops that I shouldn't miss while staying there please comment ^o^.


Johanna said...

I'm not from Sthlm, but I live in a town very close to it. And I always go there for the best shopping. My favourites are Souk - a mall on Drottninggatan, contains a huge TopShop, and lot's of accessories stores, make up, and jewellerys. Also nice cafés.

Then you have a even bigger and more exclusive mall called NK. It's on Hamngatan, with a lot of exlusive brands and also a lot of swedish design. But hey, you don't need to waste so much time there, there's a lot of better stores at Birgerjarls gatan and Biblioteks gatan. Well, hope you get moore info about restaurants and nightclubs, I'm only 16 so i haven't got so much to say about clubs here ;)

(gee, I have never wrote this long ever)

Michaela said...

You can't miss Weekday. The shop is located in three different places in Stockholm, but my favourite is the biggest one on Drottninggatan. You have to go to Björn Borg. They have really good underwear and it's so worth the price. I don't really know where it is located, but it's really close to Hötorget. I also love Carlings, on Drottninggatan. They've got some really cool stuff. And of course, you can't miss NK on Hamngatan. And if you want to look in to some small shops that has got stuff that probably no one else wears you should go to Söder, it's my favourite place in Stockholm.

Michaela said...

Oh, thank you! Yeah, I totally missed out on Monki when I wrote the comment earlier. But you should really visit that shop to. It's on Söder.

Madelene said...

Check for nightlife.. For shopping, go to PUB on Drottninggatan (close to Souk. The top floors are good). Filippa K on Biblioteksgatan. You might like some things from Vila or Vero Moda (in Gallerian), i don´t know. Smaller shops on Östermalm and Södermalm can also be worth a visit.
Good luck and have fun!