Saturday, March 8, 2008

Stockholm - Day 2

So, our second day was again filled with shopping and walking around enjoying the city. We did lots of shopping on Drottninggatan, got some nice Cheap Monday jeans at Weekday (very cool store) and I got a new haircut ^o^. I just really wanted to change my hair and I thought it would be cool to do this here. I still have to get used to the new haircut but I like it.

In the evening we went to a Swedish Restaurant called "Fem Små Hus" and had an excellent dinner. I had fish, as a starter Hering and as a main course char. It was really tasty. After that we wanted to go out. We had read about about SpyBar being really good so we went there. I have to say it was quite a disappointment, the crowd was a lot older than we were and it was really expensive. So we left and went to a bar somewhere in that area. I think we will try Ace today, as suggested by 'Lynn & Horst' (thank you ^o^).

I have to get ready now because we're going to do a sightseeing boat tour today =)

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