Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Stockholm - Day 3 to 5

Sadly I'm already back from Stockholm. I would've loved to stay longer, I really like the city.

Day 3 - Saturday
We decided to go on a sightseeing boat trip around all the islands in Stockholm. I really enjoyed it, you really get to see all of the city. I love that it's a city build on many little islands, it makes it something special.
After to boat trip we walked around some more and then took a little afternoon nap as we all were very tired from all the walking and the last night. Then we went to have Köttbullar before we went back to the hotel to get ready for going out.
We went to Ace Club (www.klubbace.se) and it was soo much better than the Spy Bar..haha. I saw lots of cool people and I really enjoyed the music. Great night!

Day 4 - Sunday
For Sunday we had planned to visit the Vasa Museum and it turned out to be quite the perfect timing as it was raining the entire day. The Museum was nice, it displays the a almost fully intact 17th century warship 'Vasa'. It is the only ship from that time that has ever been salvaged.
In the evening we had dinner at Pizza Hut, packed and went to bed early.

Day 5 - Monday
Our plane back to Zurich was to take off at 12:50 so we didn't really have much time left in Stockholm. We only did some lastminute souvenir shopping and I got myself a really nice black dress at H&M and then we had to leave for the airport.

I really enjoyed my time in Stockholm...the shopping was so good. I think I went to all the shops that you guys suggested and enjoyed all of them. I will post later on what I bought.

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Linda said...

Stockholm is a beautiful city! :)