Friday, January 8, 2010

in Amsterdam pt. I

blazer - H&M; silk top - Sonja Rykiel for H&M; jeans - Cheap Monday; biker boots - Vagabond; hat - H&M

I wore this on on my first day in Amsterdam but it turned out to be way colder than I expected so I had to put on a thick knit pullover to explore the city. >.< City trips in the middle of december are defintely an adventure! Don't even bother packing anything other than warm clothes and shoes - you won't end up wearing it anyway =P. I acutally packed 3 pairs of shoes and a skirt and dresses but in the end I always wore my warm biker boots with 2 pairs of socks, jeans over tights and layer upon layer of shirts and knits - haha. I returned with half of my clothes unworn >.<
But once you're all wrapped up it's really nice to walk around in the winter sun along the canals - the cold wind blowing in your face and a cup of hot coffee in your hands <3 Amsterdam is such a beautiful city, all the cute little cafes, shops and of course the pretty canal houses. All the appartments looks so chic and beautifully furnished. I wanted to move right in.

This silver rabbit head pendant was a chirstmas present from my boyfriend.
I’ve been wearing it pretty much everyday since I got it. I love love love it!
Thank you so much darling. I love you! <3

The pendant is from the Norwegian jewelery designer BJØRG. Their pieces are amazing - check out the website!


Lookilove said...

oh you bought the silk top from Sonya Rykiel too! ^^

Amsterdam seems to be like worth to visit! I really should have to go on a city trip once I've got time!

I really know what you mean!when it comes to packing for vacations I always pack too much stuff and then end up with the clothes I have already worn on the first day.

wish you a great weekend!


Maria Tavares said...

Oh boy, you're camera... Love it :D
Great pictures by the way ;D

Anonymous said...

You look lovely!

ELVIA said...

that's usually how those packing for trips sort of thing works for me as well. i tend to pack a lot but realize i only wear a few of the things i packed. but it's better to be safe than sorry, isn't it.

amsterdam sounds lovely. i've never been but i've always wanted to. why were u in amsterdam? just curious.

you look stunning! i love your whole outfit! also, i adore your amazing camera... what sort/type is it? i'm in need of a proper camera now :(

btw, love the rabbit head pendent. you sound like you have an amazing boyfriend - sounds like a keeper as well. i wish you all the best! xo.


You look so amazing!!!!

HAL said...

yeah i'll definitely be packing tons of warm clothes for tour! your whole outfit looks cute and i love that rabbit head. have fun on your trip!

Natalie said...

ur beanie and lipstick look so good together, love this look :)


Kayleigh Ann said...

hey, i like your outfit.
I just started blogging myself -

duckalicious said...

cool hat!

Jenny Cindy said...

Anna: Ja und han mer gescher au grad no eis in schwarz kauft. Sind jetzt abegschriibe uf CHF 15!

ELVIRA: I was there on vacation for 5 days =).
The camera is a Canon EOS 1000d.

Ariana said...

you look great with the red lipstick

Maria said...

You look great with that lipstick!

Chloë said...

Aww you should've mailed me for some tips! I'm from Holland, and visit Amsterdam very often!
It's lovely indeed.
Try the nine-streets! You'll love them!
And if you love Amsterdam, you should come back in the summer, It's even better then!

Alex said...

such a cute hat! you look great :)

Podszewka said...

I like colour of your lips ;-)