Thursday, May 28, 2009

black & white

I've had this picture saved on my harddrive for quite a while now and I still find it as inspiring as when I first saw it...and I still haven't been able to re-create the look for myself. I guess it's just not a very good look for a girl with curves >.< It makes me look fat haha. But I'm just so in love with the shape of this outfit and the clear seperation of black and white...<3

I know I only just got back from Dublin but I am already leaving again for my next little short-trip. My 3 sisters and I are heading to Budapest for the long weekend. Have fun lovelies and enjoy yourselfs!


Sarah said...

Great picture! I love her outfit. Indeed very inspiring.

viky said...

your blog is very very lovely!

maybe you like my new blog?


Cindy said...

i love oversized sweaters with minis. i actually just did a post about it. this a a great look. i'm sure you could pull it off. maybe with a less full skirt?
i envy all you european bloggers. it's so easy for you to travel to such interesting places b/c everything is so close. i love traveling around canada and the us but it's just not the same. have fun this weekend!

Macaron Treats ♥♥ said...

What A Sweet outfit! Awesome blog btw

Have lots of fun!


Pocahondas said...

Great outfit!!

Miss Lovely Things said...


clairegrenade said...

i totally don't think this is unflattering!! you look great and comfy!

great dark/light color combo! said...

Oh I love the voluminous skirt underneath the sweater! I want to try it out too! She's gorgeous.