Thursday, July 31, 2008

Off to Nice

I'll be back on Tuesday! Have a good time!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Outfit: Little Red Riding Hood

going downtown with the boyfriend on saturday

skirt: made by the lovely Alma H., shoes: DinSko, socks: H&M Kids, tank top: Gap body, blazer: H&M

Monday, July 28, 2008

Outfit: out for dinner

On Firday night a friend of mine took me out for dinner to a very nice restaurant by the lake side. I used this opportunity to dress up a bit and finally wear my satin pumps that I got a while ago. I also wore this wonderful lace top which I got at H&M trend last week. It's gorgeous and extremly versatile. I will post more on my shopping trip from last week and that top later ^o^

Friday, July 25, 2008

Nice Style - women

boat trip

Last weekend I spent the day with my family in the country side on a beautiful lake which is surrounded by mountains. My sister's boyfriend invited us because his parents own a small boat there which we used. The landscape was so beautiful and the weather was just perfect - a bit chilly but in the sun it was pretty hot. We also went swimming in the lake but it was too cold to stay in the water for too long.

We made a stop at a small stone beach where we made a fire and barbecued sausages.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

flowers in the rain

I've fallen in love with a dress ♥

Carin Wester

I think inspiration is slowly coming back to me. Maybe it really was just the weather the last couple of days. Today the sun is out and I'm happy.
Last night I worked realla late and didn't get much sleep but yet I feel very fresh and energetic.
I came across this lovely dress as I was browsing through countless online shops and fashion blogs in search for some nice pieces for my 'Nice Style' collages. I just had to post the dress, it's so gorgeous. It's also a bit pricey and sold out but I don't want to own in anyway. I just want to keep on looking at it, it makes me happy somehow. ♥
I'm gonna go for lunch now, I wish you lovelies a great day. And tonight I'm going to watch The X-Files Movie, yay!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Nice Style - men

I'm leaving for Nice next week on Thursday and I can't wait...ahh Crépes, beach, sun, French, café...basically the essence of summer.
I've been thinking about the perfect style for Nice, not necessarily what I'm going to wear there but just in general what I think suits the place. As I'm still working on the woman nice style I'm going to give you the men one already:

Linen pants and espadrilles for men are the perfect companions for men in summer. I especially like the espadrilles, I think it's a great alternative to flip-flops which really don't look good on some men.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

fall, sun and a lack of inpiration

Somehow the fashion blogger world has gone fall-crazy. I have no idea why everyone's sick of summer already but maybe they've had a better summer than I've had so far. I'm really not in the mood to think of fall fashion right now.
Thick sweaters constant rain, grey all doesn't seem very appealing to me when all I want it so have some sun, throw on a light dress and a pair of heeled sandals and head outside. The last few days have been a bit cold and grey but it's getting better already, this weekend it should even get 30°C again.

Maybe my disinterest for fall fashion is also due to the general lack of inspiration that I'm experiencing. It always takes me so long to get dressed and I end up wearing the most boring piece in my closet. Usually I'm really motivated to get dressed whenever I'm going someplace other than to work. It means that I get to dress however I want and don't have to worry about looking appropriate and chic.
Yesterday as I was deciding on what to wear to a concert tonight I even thought that I don't have anything to wear - regardless of my closet overflowing with clothes. I have a lot of things that I've never even worn yet and still I was frustrated. This makes me feel like a spoiled brat..gah. Hopefully inspiration will come back to me soon. ^o^ Until then I guess I'm just gonna have to keep on living in my grey AA sweater and my acid washed jeans -_-

Friday, July 18, 2008

young love...

...never seems to last
far too young until they have a past

Teen Vogue | The New Romantics by Nick Haymes

Now I feel like dressing up like a cup cake in layers and layers of light power colored garments. Really girly with ruffles and flowers and cute socks, not kitschy but with an old fashioned touch.
Hmm...but it's late and I'm off to bed now. Let's see if I still feel like it tomorrow morning.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Outfit: dropped hemlines

Voila, my new skirt:

It’s an interesting length that took me a while to get used to it. It looked so nice on the mannequin in the store so I just bought it without trying it on first or thinking about it. I had fallen for the pattern.

Then as I tried it on at home I acutally wanted to return it at first. I had already put in back in the shopping back, ready to return it. Just before returning it I tired it on once more and suddenly really liked the length and the shape on me. So I kept it.
At first I had not clue what to wear it with but for a start I paired it with a simple black tank top. I might be a bit more adventurous the next time I wear it but for the time being I am quite happy with this simple combination.

To avoid looking short I wore the skirt with my skyhigh Zara gladiator heels.

Somehow the skirt a slight 50s feel. After wearing it all day I kept on feeling like a rich lady on the French riviera in the 50s, if I'd worn a pair of big sunglasses and one of these huge sun hats the look would've been perfect.

Christian Lacroix for La Redoute playsuit

Yesterday my playsuit from Christian Lacroix for La Redoute arrived:

The playsuits came in special dust bags with the Chirstian Lacroix for LaRedoute logo on them and a special hanger.

I will keep the navy one as the white one is a bit too see-though and I'd be too scared of dirtying it.
The fabric is so nice and soft. The playsuit looks very well tailored, I think it's definitely worth the money and I'll get to wear it a lot this summer. It's such an easy outfit, just put on the playsuit and a pair of shoes and you're ready to go. I don't think it needs a lot of accessorizing. You can also dress it up easily with a nice pair of heels and a clutch.

Saturday, July 12, 2008


Today I wanted to go inline skating but it's raining, it's raining like hell and it's cold and grey. This also adds to my current lack of inspiration and general feeling of total blankness. And because I don't know what else to do I'm posting two amazing pictures to make me happy and hopefully inspire me a little.

^ Vogue Germany May 2008


I'm going to Nice for 4 days at the beginning of august...I'm so excited!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

^ the wonderful Shannon Click

Saturday, July 5, 2008

I’ll dance somewhere far away

I went shopping today and found this amazing vest. I originally wore the outfit with a jeans jacket but took it off pretty soon as it got warmer. In the store I tried on the waist coat over my current outfit and liked it so much that I ended up wearing it for the rest of the day.

boots: my friend's, bag: Vero Moda, top: H&M Trend, skirt: H&M Trend, vest: Zara

The pictures turned out kinda bad because it was getting dark outside when I took them and I didn't want to ruin them by using flash. >.<

Friday, July 4, 2008


I just ordered this amazing jumpsuit from Christian Lacroix for LaRedoute. It is available in marine and white, I ordered both and keep the one I like better. I've been eying this beautiful piece for a while now that it got reduced I couldn't resist any longer.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

We move with such elegance, with such grace...

One of the most inspiring things for me is Fashion Week "streetstyle" (it's not exactly street style as they are at events and work in the fashion industry). Today I came across this picture which made me crave for a pair of wide and loose grey chino pants to roll up:

Paris HC fashion week, from Jak & Jil

They look incredible worn with those YSL tribute sandals.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008


It's so hot here at the moment, over 30°C >.< Which is a fine temperature when on holidays but not here at home when I have to go to work. Getting dressed for work becomes such a drag...what to wear? I can't go to work in shorts or a tank top and I still have to look somewhat elegant and classy. Gah.
But I'm going swimming in the river after work today so I have something to look forward to ^o^

I love this photo - it captures the heat of the burning sun perfectly and makes me want to jump into water.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Givenchy HC FW 08/09 Paris

I always look forward to seeing the Haute Couture shows from Givenchy. And this season was no disappointment although I still don't like it as much as what they did last season.

What I really like is that Tisci for Givenchy is one of the few doing Haute Couture with a modern and young twist. The clothes are beautifully constructed, detailed and designed and have this immediate Haute Couture feel without beeing decadent. Most other Haute Couture shows consist mainly of huge extravagant dresses with big bows and frills. I love that side of Haute Couture too but it's refreshing to see this "new" take on Haute Couture.

Outfit - I always write you letters in multicolours...

This is what I wore to the cinema last night. I went to see Bienvenue chez les Ch'tis, a French comedy which was absolutely hilarious. One of the funniest movie I've seen in a long time.

sweater: Uniqlo, silk dress: H&M, cut out ankle boots: Asos