Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Nice Style - men

I'm leaving for Nice next week on Thursday and I can't wait...ahh Crépes, beach, sun, French, café...basically the essence of summer.
I've been thinking about the perfect style for Nice, not necessarily what I'm going to wear there but just in general what I think suits the place. As I'm still working on the woman nice style I'm going to give you the men one already:

Linen pants and espadrilles for men are the perfect companions for men in summer. I especially like the espadrilles, I think it's a great alternative to flip-flops which really don't look good on some men.

1 comment:

Chloë said...

Finally you can be in nice weather! I think this style for men fits for Nice, looks very good togheter! Can't wait till I see what you put togheter for the ladies!