Thursday, July 24, 2008

flowers in the rain

I've fallen in love with a dress ♥

Carin Wester

I think inspiration is slowly coming back to me. Maybe it really was just the weather the last couple of days. Today the sun is out and I'm happy.
Last night I worked realla late and didn't get much sleep but yet I feel very fresh and energetic.
I came across this lovely dress as I was browsing through countless online shops and fashion blogs in search for some nice pieces for my 'Nice Style' collages. I just had to post the dress, it's so gorgeous. It's also a bit pricey and sold out but I don't want to own in anyway. I just want to keep on looking at it, it makes me happy somehow. ♥
I'm gonna go for lunch now, I wish you lovelies a great day. And tonight I'm going to watch The X-Files Movie, yay!


Chloë said...

Thank you for your comment ;-)! I know I fell in love with that necklace too, when I was in the US. But for some reason I didn't buy it, that was such a stupid decision! But I hope to find it when I'm in England on vacation. Don't you know anyone in the UK or Belgium who can buy it & send it to you? Or maybe they can order for you and send it to you?!

Anonymous said...

i love that dress!

Silverdale florist

johanna said...

oh, I've got that dress. and It's my favourite of all time.

LuLu124 said...

it's a beautiful dress!!! i love the pattern :) xoxo, lulu