Thursday, August 7, 2008

permanent vacation

I'm back from my 4 days trip to Nice (France). What an enjoyable time that was, I came back completely relaxed (who knew 4 days could make such a difference), tanned and many happy memories.

The city of Nice is, well nice ^o^ But it's almost a bit too touristic for me and the beach there isn't really nice. So we went to a beach in a small town maybe 15min by train from Nice which was way nicer.


Chloë said...

Sounds good!

Yeah, I'm really happy too with the T by Alexander Wang collection! I love how he combinates his t-shirts on his runway shows, and the cheapest is $28,- so that's like 20 euros, about the same as an American Apparel tee!

Hope they're going to sell them too in Europe!

maria.m. said...

where is the town of the photo??? it looks great!!!

Jérôme said...

pic 1
Nice, railway station

pic 2
Antibes, 15 min away from nice

pic 3

pic 4
nice, Harbor

pic 5

pic 6

pic 7

pic 8
nice andy myself

pic 9

Luna said...

lovely photos!

Jenny Cindy said...

Thanks everyone ^o^

maria.m: Photo 2 + 5 show the town of Antibes, all others were taken in Nice.

sa.rah. said...

oh, sehr schöne fotos!
ich liebe die côte d'azur...:)

maria.m. said...

thank you very much for the information, hope to visit one day!!!