Tuesday, August 19, 2008


I'm very busy with work lately so sorry for the lame posts >.<


lolita said...

Gorgeous outfit, very inspiring. Love your posts on chictopia :)

Mirthe said...


Yasmin Araújo said...

Hi Jenny!
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April said...

i'm in love with black lace + beige/khaki. In fact, I just posted an outfit of lace and khaki on my blog (therighthypotenuse.blogspot.com), and then randomly clicked around to find myself staring at yours! great minds think alike =D

ps: wanna trade links?

Mirthe said...

Very pretty:)

Emma said...



lovely outfit !

the tea drinking english rose said...

love the work outfit!
the skirt is lovely.

Jenny Cindy said...

lolita: Aw, thank you so much. I happy that I can also be an inspiration to others!

april: Black lace and beige are a perfect combo. Very classy and yet sexy, love it too.

mirthe, emma, Fashionjunk, the tea drinking english rose: Thank you ^o^