Thursday, November 1, 2007

Inspiration from Swedish fashionistas...

I can't wait for the weekend to wear my new mini skirt! It's too short to wear it to work but this weekend I'm probably going to be wearing it non-stop ^o^
Here's some inspiration for how to wear the skirt. All the pics are taken from Swedish Fashion blogs:

1. + 2. ishebum;
3. finafridas;
4. katla;
5. johannnaas;


glamourgirl said...

Lovely skirt and inspiration pictures!
Those are some ladies.... :)

glamourgirl said...

That last sentence in my previous post was supposed to say:
"Those are some stylish ladies!"
I left out the word stylish by mistake! Oops!

Johanna said...

svar: thank you! funny to see that you have used my picture for inspiration :)