Thursday, November 15, 2007

H&M holiday 2007

Source: H&
H&M has lots of great new stuff in store for the holiday season. Especially lots of sequins!! I've been wanting a sequin skirt for quite a while now but only found one at Topshop (which we don't have here) or very expensive ones. Now I'm definitely going to get one! Can't wait to hit H&M tomorrow and check out all the sequin pieces.


ellenh said...

I just looove the skirt ! so nice

Emelie said...

I wore that skirt yesterday! Did you get one? And have you seen the sequin dress at H&M? It´s fantastic.

Jenny said...

@emelie: Aww, you're too lucky! I wanted to get one on friday but it was pretty much sold out in all the H&Ms downtown (I went to 3 different ones!). The only had a few size 40 left >.<
But my friend told me she saw them at another H&M so I'm gonna buy it there.
What did you wear your skirt with?

Laura Hanoch said...

i got it on ebay !!!