Thursday, June 23, 2011

korean style

It seems the web is suddenly flooded with cool korean online shops. My latest discovery is I have been a bit hesitant to order because I'm afraid the clothes might not fit my big European frame >.< And I'm not sure the quality is really that good. But I just looove to browse through these shops to get inspiration. The styling is always impeccable. Another great store is StyleNanda.
Have any of you ever ordered from a Korean store? I'd love to hear your experiances.

Also, I will go to Seoul for 4 days in August and these picures make me even more excited for shopping there!!


kittenmasks said...

The sizing should be fine for you, but considering their prices the quality is probably not that great. The things that will be okay for long term wear are the denim items. I haven't ordered from Romwe or StyleNanda, but I've ordered from Yubsshop a few years back. It was all right.

My experience with Korean clothing is that if you're interested in long term wear, it's best to go for the branded items.

Anne said...

i have exactly the same problem! love this site though but doubting if the quality is good... XX

Anonymous said...

LOVELY post! Style Nanda is my favorite, but it may take a little time for the shipment.

When you get to Korea, you will LOVE shopping here, out of everywhere I've been it is the cheapest and the best.

Asians tend to have smaller frames so the sizes you have to be careful. A lot of times when I go with my friends and their not 'small enough', sometimes the workers are rude and will tell you up front they don't have your size.

I don't know what European measurements are, but my US measurements are 32-24-35, 5'5". It should help you get an ideal to convert sizes. In Korea I wear a size small shirt, and it usually also works for medium.

I hope that helped :)

Lidiya said...

Wow - judging by these photos Koreans are super stylish! Their fashion is so cute, I love it <3

Fabrizia said...

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lehappy said...

Romwe is AMAZING! they have goood stuff and shipping is free :)
lovely blog btw!

melish said...

love korean style.. one thing I am always hesitant is the size and shipment issue.. never know if I will get what I imagine in my head.. that's why I try to stick to my usual sites.. wish we could have a US version of this korean items! that would be amazing!