Friday, August 13, 2010

back from the wild

Mary Kate in Marie Claire September 2010

Sorry, for the long absence. My vacation in the south of Sweden was a little busier and internet-free as I had expected but nonetheless wonderful. We took millions of pictures and I also did quite a bit of shopping which I can't wait to show you guys. But for now I'm leaving you with this wonderful picture of Mary Kate as I go and catch up with all the lovely blogs out there. I will post some pictures this weekendm promise!

Hope you all had a great summer so far! What have you been up to?


Zapping for Perfection said...

We are waiting for those pictures ;)
Yeah, she's amazing !
M and S

Reina said...

AHH! Sweeden! i'd LVOe to see the pictures.
;D i think the picture fits very nicely for your title "back from the wild"

v [ hobovogue ] said...

loveee her outfit and her amazing hair in this! glad to hear you're back :)

<33 [v] hobovogue

Emily said...

why is she so cool?! lust her and those antlers.

Vanessa said...

she looks so beautiful here!

Clara said...

I love her!
amazing blog!

Dani said...

love your blog! glad you trip was amazing and can't wait to see pictures from your travels aha.

Christina said...

i loveee this editorial! marie claire is definitely the best!!

rouli said...

cool post!

she looks amazin:))

pls come visit and join!!!!!!!


Carina said...

she is so pretty !!!