Wednesday, July 21, 2010

hit the road

Today I'm leaving for a road trip up to Scandinvia with my friends. Sorry for the lack of updates lately but I've been so busy planning and preparing everything that this blog didn't get all that much attention lately. I'm planning to do a few updates on the road so keep on checking back.

Our route is the following: Zurich - Luxembourg - Antwerp - Amsterdam - Kopenhagen - Malmö and then we're camping somewhere in the south of Sweden <3


Lola Re said...

SOO cool, take lots of pics! LOLA RE

Fräulein Zynismus said...

Wow, this sounds like a gorgeous trip. Have fun! ♥

Dogs and Dresses said...

Have fun! I'm from Antwerp, i'm sure you'll like the city

Micaela said...

I love the pic and I like so much this blog.
So, I follow u
If you want, ask me anything at
Hope you’re fine

TristanEmma said...

Very jealous of your trip!! Make some great iPod mixes, grab your camera, and LOTS of food! and you'll be set :)


PRINCESS 'nda said...

COOL!!! love this pic :)