Sunday, April 4, 2010

BJØRG 2010

The crystal pieces are especially nice but I do love everything I've seen in that lookbook. They make such amazing jewelery!



Kathi said...

adorable jewellery! your blog is a sparkling one as well :)

nicky hearts said...

wow lovely collection, I want everything


ANN said...

This collection is amazing, I love the jewelry and video

Rebecca said...

sehr sehr schön! chaufsch mer eis uf de geburtstag? oh nei, de isch ja scho verbi! :( und wänn chömmed dbilder vom fantastische osterbrunch vo dem mier verzellt worde isch?!!? :p

Jessica said...

love love love.
The way they showcased the collection on these pictures is really eye-catching too !
The jewelry is amazing ! ughh. my 'want' list just got longer again lol

Wends said...

whoa! i never knew, this is awesome