Friday, September 25, 2009

peach & avocado

I treated myself to a yummy lunch after a hectic morning at Uni:

peach & avocado salad with ginger-mango dressing <3

and whole wheat pasta with chili garlic pesto


Damsels said...

wow that looks delish and super healthy ..
love what you are wearing here too

the bkacl tights look very pretty with the brown strappy shoes

Vintage is hot! said...

cute outfit !


Natalie said...

such a cute outfit! and the food is making me so hungry! :)


Grace said...

That looks amazing. I'm going to have try the chili-pesto combination.

Love Grace.

Ash Fox said...

beautiful. i love that first photo.


TheCat said...

Im' in love with your sandals

Maria said...

your shoes are soo pretty

Valencia Lia said...

Adore those strappy heels with all the nude/beige elements of the outfit:)

Really gorgeous and beautiful !!
Those pasta are looking yummy and delicious<3

JadoreVogue ♥ said...

Great, lovely outfit!
I like your style, I'm adding you to my favo's!