Friday, April 24, 2009

shopping in copenhagen

grey bustier top, pink baloon skirt, striped tights, collar, Manga tote bag


pale pink dress


panda love said...

those earrings are lovely and the dress is simply amazing.

Can't wait to see pictures of you wearing it.


Gracie said...

I'm a tad envious of over those earrings. Great finds!

Gracie. said...

I wish we had it in Norway. They have such nice basics, plain garments in silky fabrics and for a cheap price! I'm excited to see the dress!

Cindy said...

Cute blog! I just noticed that manga- tote, thats Hechima-Milk! How long were you in Japan for?

cocorosa said...

oooooooooorghhhhh this hurts.... is sooooo wanna shop at COS, I saw their website and love everything!! but they dont have a store in new york!!! and you cant order online... :( :( :(

Jenny Cindy said...

Cindy: Thank you ^o^ I was in Japan for 1 month two years ago and then I was in Tokyo again this year for 4 days on my way back from Australia. I love the tote, thanks for telling me that it's Hechima-Milk, I thought it looked familiar.
cocorosa: I also don't have COS where I live so I was even happier to shop there in Copenhagen. I wish COS had an online store!